The Objective

A launching pad of Rico Corn Rice to the digital market - highlighting its health benefits, specifically its low glycemic index.

The Big Idea

Nuffnang to mount the whole event from the venue production to the guest bloggers. We invited 10 parenting, health and food bloggers and their families to a picnic-style event where they had a first taste of RiCo Corn Rice. A buffet lunch was served, featuring four different variants of RiC: steamed, garlic walnut parsley, paella, and an original recipe of Sweetened RiCo with Mango Strips. There were activities for the kids to keep them busy while their blogger parents listen to the presentation and cooking demo of RiCo's brand manager. A foodstagram contest was also held and some simple and fun on-ground games. After the event, the bloggers wrote about their experience and take on the healthy and delicious RiCo Corn Rice. Some even made their own recipe using RiCo Corn!

The Result

Event: 100% attendance | Social Media (Instagram with # welovecornrice): 50 posts, 780 likes, and 39 comments/replies | Social Media (Twitter with #welovecornrice): 42 tweets, 124,459 accounts reached, and 339,047 impressions | Sponsored Posts: 10 posts, 41,759 Unique Views, 99 comments, 126 Facebook shares, 35 Twitter likes, 30 other social media likes/shares