Air Asia Travel Bloggers Dinner

The Objective

The objective was to launch the new brand of Air Asia Zest flights from Manila to other destinations.

The Big Idea

To hold an event where Air Asia could launch their line of inhouse meals to the top twenty travel bloggers. Each blogger was booked to do one sponsored post after the event. Banners of 50,000 Uvs were also included for the campaign.

The Result

Banners reached up to 50,021 UVS with a CTR rate of 0.10%. The sponsored posts written about the event garnered 454,435 Uvs in total. Reader shares in total reached to 5,200 with an engagement rate of 1.14%. For the added mileage, the bloggers booked for the campaign were encouraged to tweet about the event and hold a social media contest. During the event, 764,882 impressions were reached with a total of 68 tweets from the bloggers. After the event, 2,249,813 impressions were reached with 237 retweets and 170 contributors.