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TSN: The Soshal Network


TSN: The Soshal Network

The Soshal Network

Nuffnang Featured Blogger for the Month of August 2013

Who are you and what is your blog about?

We are Faye (Ms. Sophisticated), Vivian (Mrs. Domesticated) and Camille (Ms. Provinciated), the personalities behind The Soshal Network. We are lawyers specializing in different fields, with different personalities, interests and lifestyles, but we share some of, what we believe, are the truly meaningful things – Our love for life, family, learning and of course, humor.

“TSN”, in lawyer speak stands for “Transcript of Stenographic Notes”, which is basically a piece of document that writes out verbatim all the statements made during a hearing or meeting. The original plan for TSN was supposed to be just that – a TSN of our conversations. It then evolved into writing our own stories. How it became “The Soshal Network” will forever remain a mystery — it was a drunken night. Nuff said.

You can easily have an idea about the things each of us talk about based on our call-tags:

Domesticated talks from the point of view of a mom, a wife and a daughter  —  and a full-time working lawyer, as she survives all the pull-your-hair-out adventures.

Vivian (Provinciated)

Provinciated regales us with stories of life in her town of BacCav, her incredibly quirky family, and her new found love life.

Camille (Provinciated)

Sophisticated raves about things she’s seen, heard or experienced while traipsing around the city, doing her own thing, meeting new people and living life like it’s a never-ending party.

Faye (Sophisticated)

What can we expect from your blog?

TSN is a humor blog. Mostly written in Filipino or using our own soshal language to reach out to more Filipinos— or those who can understand Filipino. We write about anything that comes to our minds. Don’t worry, we’re not deep. We are not professional writers and we write the way we speak. We’re interactive and we meet with our readers by holding events.

The ladies behind TSN

Our dear readers pretty much know what to expect from TSN, that being, fun, fearless, glamorized, occasionally stressed-out, and fierce madness- whatever that means. In essence, we’re just a bunch of ladies being true to ourselves and sharing our stories and experiences which we think other people can relate to; after all, our stories, funny as they may be, may actually have some valuable lesson or morale to them. Or in any case, a little humor never hurt anyone.

When and how did you start blogging?

TSN was founded one fateful drunken night on July 29, 2012, between girlfriends, or better yet, sisters, just like how all other great plans are made between friends. We basically decided that the whole world should be privy to the craziness of our lives, thinking that if we find our stories about love, career, and everyday-living to be extremely entertaining, why won’t everybody else? We realized that sayang ang kuwento if kami lang ang makakarinig. But really, we needed an outlet and wanted to maintain our bond – and since we don’t see each other all that often, we figured to just write down our ludicrous lamentations, fantastic frustrations and amusing anecdotes.


What separates your blog from other blogs?

Some might see it as a disadvantage, but we don’t have a target audience. We don’t focus on one subject, i.e. beauty, fashion, gadgets, etc. Almost everyone can relate with any of us because we come from different backgrounds. For example, we represent almost all Facebook relationship status: D is “married,” S is in a “domestic partnership” and P was “single” to “its complicated” and now “in a relationship.”

TSN with the Nuffies

Apart from not having a fixed demographic, another thing that separates our blog from others is that we actually use TSN as the venue where we can just be ourselves, loosen up, and have fun. We can proudly say that through this blog, we let people know the true us.

What is the best thing about being a blogger?

The best thing about being a blogger is the readers! We love meeting new people, gaining friends and receiving emails from our readers. We received at least three messages from our readers abroad thanking us for helping them overcoming their home-sickness. It’s endearing (sniff, sniff), to know that through our simple anecdotes, we can actually touch people’s lives, either by putting smiles on their faces or making them laugh. At our expense, of course, but it’s all worth it. At the end of the day we’re just happy to know that despite all the stresses of daily living, someone is out there sharing the same experiences and surviving happily through it because in whatever way, you helped cheer them up.