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Louise Fandino


Louise Fandino

Louise Fandino

Nuffnang Featured Blogger for the Month of March 2014

Who are you and what is your blog about?

 Hello everyone!  I’m Louise Antonette Fandiño, a wife, a mother of two boys, a full-time career woman, a part-time lead singer of an acoustic band, a part-time TV commercial talent and the blogger behind Mommy Practicality.  I am passionate about women empowerment and I always believe that mom or not, a woman should pour some love for self, pursue her dreams and continually develop herself by studying or learning a skill.  I have a lot of tags to my role as a modern woman, because I love being active, getting involved and I’m thrilled with multi-tasking.


As my blog name suggests, my blog is all about the practical life of a working mother.  It talks about my life’s journey, practical choices, practical parenting tips, practical relationship advice, money matters like budgeting or how to save, events, food adventure and travelling or throwing parties on a budget.  Basically, it’s everything and anything about living a quality of life and getting the best value of everything by being a wise spender.  Practicality is also about prioritizing what will bring out the best in her and her family and one that is value-adding. 


What can we expect from your blog?

Mommy Practicality is a positive, inspirational and helpful sharing of life experiences of a working mom, of practical tips, tricks and adventure.  You will not read anything negative, no rants, no hated, no complaints – it’s all pure love!  It’s light, highly relatable and engaging.  It is also a source of information on the latest happenings or activities for the family.  A new segment called Dear Mommy Practicality serves as my public service to women having love or relationship problems or questions.  It’s a feel good blog and even if I’m having a bad day sometimes and share a thing or two about it, I ensure that I find the silver lining in all those unpopular situations, write about it and still inspire my readers after reading through the post.


When and how did you start blogging?


I started formally blogging under Mommy Practicality in July, 2012.  But long before that (like elementary days), I’ve always loved writing poems and life events on a journal.   

Before starting and picking the blog’s name, I prayed hard for it.  I also asked myself, who am I really?  What do I stand for?   What is my mission for blogging?  My answers: I am a mom and a practical one (hence the name Mommy Practicality was born); I love inspiring and helping other people; I want to give back to the Lord.  The intention why I started is to be a source of both inspiration and information.  Little by little, my humble online home accumulated writings of my life stories which other people found useful and valuable.  I am happy about how it has grown steadily through the support of family, friends, and my awesome readers.

What separates your blog from other blogs?


My blog is as real as it gets.  It is not an escape nor an outlet, but a commitment to spread positivity and inspiration to my readers.  I would like to believe that I speak for the average Filipina working mother, who strives to maintain a work-life balance.   My blog is highly relatable because just like any mom, who loves her kids so much, who aspires to give the best for her family while that shouldn’t be expensive, who takes care of the household budget, and who also finds couple time and me-time essential in keeping her sanity – guilt-free, the blog tells all those life stories in one special place you could call home – Mommy Practicality.


What is the best thing about being a blogger?
 The best thing about being a blogger is being able to use this channel to reach out and help others.   It gives me overwhelming fulfillment and happiness knowing that at least one person was inspired by what I wrote.  It feels wonderful to receive messages from my readers thanking me for positively affecting them.  I met new friends and like-minded blogging ladies along the way.  Through blogging, my objective to give back to God is being realized.  The more I share, the more I receive.  Blessings came pouring in one after the other.  Blogging has transformed me into the better version of myself.   Because of that, my relationships with the people I love became more beautiful.  I know I make my husband and my kids proud of me.  At the end of the day, that’s what really matters – your family.   I can say, that blogging is one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life – more than helping others, it has helped me discover my purpose in life.