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Googly Gooeys

Googly Gooeys

Nuffnang Featured Blogger for the Month of January 2012


Who are you and what is your blog about?

We’re Tipsy & Ponggo, the real-life couple behind the Googly Gooeys 😀 Our blog is filled with random musings & we just usually poke fun at whatever it is that’s happening to us or around us.

What can we expect from your blog?

A pink goo with long lashes and rosy cheeks & a blue goo with a toothy grin and green eyebrows, fun, quirkiness, commentaries on the current state of the social networking and the internet, randomness (think blog entries about sleep, happiness, food, gadgets, dieting and games), serious things being taken lightly and lyrics taken too literally and of course color… lots & lots of color! 

When and how did you start blogging?

It started with a bad day back in April 2009. We started drawing random figures in different hues & ended up poking fun at whatever stressful situation we were in. We noticed that it is a good and productive stress outlet. We made a Facebook page just for fun back in July 2009 then in May 2010, we started posting actively on Tumblr–that’s when it officially became a blog :) We finally trimmed down our characters to the blue & pink goo and named them after our silliest real-life nicknames.

What separates your blog from other blogs?

Our blog entries are cartoon posts and our characters are our alter egos too 😀

What is the best thing about being a blogger?

Blogging is fun because it provides a venue for you to express yourself. The best thing that happened to us as bloggers is being sent to the Malaysia for the NAPBAS and getting to bond with the Nuffies :) We learned a lot of stuff from our fellow bloggers & got inspired about how passionate they are with whatever it is they’re into: underwater photography, self-portraits, mixing and matching clothing articles, the goodness of a Rotti bun, exploring Morocco or maximizing the powers of the latest gadget in the market. Winning the Hidden Gem Category at the NAPBAS was really unexpected. We’re very very grateful to Nuffnang Philippines and the NAPBAS judges for believing in us and our readers who voted for us :)