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Featured Blogger: Rochelle Rivera


Featured Blogger: Rochelle Rivera

1. Who are you and what is your blog about?
I am a Mermaid…
Beauty queen…
Snow White…
Just kidding!

My real name is Rochelle Miko Kawasaki-Rivera. I am a wife, and a mother of 3 boys. My blog is about almost anything under the sun. I share my life experiences and the things I’m passionate about such as my family, makeup, and my favorite activities like travelling, eating, what I wear and everything that is beautiful. Sometimes I think I’m writing in my diary when I blog, so readers will be able to relate with my positive outlook in life and know the real Rochelle.005C

2. What can we expect from your blog?
I write to be an inspiration to others, especially to moms out there. I share my views on different things that I have first-hand experience with to positively influence and help millennial women like me in their decision-making. My primary goal is to help and empower women, including myself, to feel more confident about ourselves. After all, confidence is one of the most attractive qualities in a person!

Readers can check out my blog to get updated information on promos, special discounts on products and services, beauty tips and tricks, reliable beauty product brands, and the must-see places.

Moms can also expect household ideas and hacks to make family bonding more worthwhile, fun and exciting!002

3. When and how did you start blogging?
I started my blog in 2013. My very first blogpost was about my Graduation Day. I thought it was a pronounced way to begin the new chapter of my life. Being a mom who graduated at the age of 30, I felt that sharing my journey and hopes will be inspirational to others. Now, it has been over three years, I didn’t think my blog will go this far but I am very grateful to have my husband, kids and readers who supported me in this endeavor and adventure.003B

4. What separates your blog from other blogs?
With the enormous internet world, I was doubtful at first. I was worried on how I will make a mark and be unique knowing that there are God-knows-how-many active bloggers who are also doing their best to be successful in this line of work. Anyone can just create a blogsite online, and do their original and artistic ways. What separates my blog from other blogs is the personal touch I incorporate in every article I share. I believe that everyone is a unique individual, so if I make my blog simply a reflection of myself and perspective, it will be different. I love how I can be myself and the person I want to be all the time!004A


5. What is the best thing about being a blogger?
More than the monetary incentive, one of the best things about being a blogger is meeting a lot of people, my readers, clients, and other bloggers. Although my key objective is to inspire others, it’s very fulfilling to be equally motivated by everyone I come across in this venture. As a bonus, I have established overwhelming friendship with my sisters-by-heart, and called ourselves “Fab Four Moms”. We have so much things in common, being moms and making sure that we don’t stop being fabulous.005A

Every project is an opportunity to learn new things. I love that I get to visit places I never thought I will, and taste different flavors I thought I will never like. I feel amazing whenever I receive invites from exclusive events and promote brands I love. It makes me a better person to be able to inspire others, and to appreciate the blessings I receive every moment. Besides, who wouldn’t want to be featured in something like this from Nuffnang? I am humbled and simultaneously proud!

As a working mom, blogging helps me to spend more time with my family because I can just stay at home and write if I have no meeting or event to go to. There are even times when I get invitation to bring my kids and husband along so we can create wonderful experiences together. What else could I ask for? My bond with them gets anchored deeper and deeper every passing day.005B