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Featured Blogger: Ida Anduyan


Featured Blogger: Ida Anduyan

Nuffnang’s Featured Blogger for the month of March!

Ida Anduyan of idaanduyan.com

1. Who are you and what is your blog about?

I’m Ida Anduyan. My blog is mainly about fashion and tidbits of my lifestyle.

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2. What can we expect from your blog?

If you look through my blog, you’ll see a lot of OOTDs, some event features, how to’s about fashion and technology, visual diaries, and some trivial tidbits of my life (I have a whole post dedicated to my phone cases! Haha!). Also, expect a lot of visual stuff. I’m very detailed about my blog aesthetics and photos.


3. When and how did you start blogging?

I started blogging even during the multiply days. Though it was more like a personal journal. I decided to make a blog when Facebook took over… and you know you can personalize the look on your profile there, right? So I decided to put up an outlet where I could control the content AND overall look of the site. I also had a knack for posting my outfit. Facebook isn’t really for outfits and not everyone was on Lookbook. Thus, the blog.



4. What separates your blog from other blogs?

Honestly, my blog is not the most active one, but I think what separates me from other blogs is that my visual artist side never leaves my blogger side. The photos need to be high grade, typography if possible must not be mediocre… you know how hard it is to cover a night event when you’re not a pro photographer right? But I still try my best to take nice photos for the blog that matches the substantial text that comes with it.




5. What is the best thing about being a blogger?

Let’s be real here. Some people think that blogging is all about the freebies and whatnot. Well, there is no free lunch. Yes, we do get freebies but there’s a reason why. You might think it’s the “freebies” is the best thing about being a blogger but no, it’s the fact that you get to do the things you love and share it to people as your “work”. In my case, fashion, photography and graphic design. It’s the fact that you get the opportunity to work with your favorite brands and put some of your talent and personality in the projects you do with them. It’s the fact that you’re given a chance to inspire people just by being who you are and doing what you do. That is the best thing about blogging.