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Nuffnang Featured Blogger for the month of June

Nuffnang Featured Blogger of the MonthOla Nuffies!

First off, thank you to Nuffnang for inviting me to be the featured blogger for the month of June.

My name is Jane and I’m the dramatist behind Between Bites. I wanted to name my site Peddler of Dreams because that’s the nom de plume I used in my writings back in high school. Adopted “Peddler of Dreams” because I love dreaming. And I love listening to other people’s dreams and helping them bring to life their own dreams –big or small dreams… or weaving my dreams into theirs. My happiness before relied on other people’s happiness too. I thought I could act like a surrogate angel and grant people’s dreams. I guess when you are young; the imagination can run pretty wild.

Realizing that my pen name was too mouthy, I wanted my site to have a simpler name. I’ve always loved to eat and cook since I was in grade school. At 10, I remember trying to bake cookies using only a toaster and wasting my mom’s king prawns with a beer and hot sauce recipe I got from a cooking show. No one consumed the prawns except the garbage bin. I never heard the end of it from my mom, which hampered my cooking passion. Tee-hee!

Since I love food among so many other things, Between Bites is the anthology or bite-size stories of my appetite for getting the best out of Life. Get a bite of food, culture, music, movie, reading, fashion, lifestyle, and events happening in and out of the Metro. Why is my tagline only “an appetite for the good life?” Trying to be modest enough to realize that I cannot always have the best things in life. Sometimes it is okay to be content with a good life… maintain that while striving for the best. Striving is a spice of life. Works better than beer I think.

Eating is a continuous event but in the spaces in between, my time is spent taking photos (which I literally do in between bites), traveling, dancing, hitting my drums, conversing, writing, boxing, learning a thing or two, or peddling some more dreams left in me.

I graduated in De La Salle University with a degree in Political Science. After college, I enrolled in Instituto Cervantes for Spanish language class –twice. I must have bumped my head somewhere between Taft and Mendiola because all I remember from the two short courses were the words, “como estas?” I also studied in San Beda College of Law but only stayed during the first year.

Walk the World

One of the things I truly love other than eating is traveling! I love to travel. Bubba, the P-O-G-I in my life, says it’s due to the big mole on my shin.

My recent travel was last April during the Holy Week break. Bubba and I spent a week in Vietnam – Cambodia. Angkor Wat is so rustic and majestic all in the same breath!

Sky Jumping in Macau

Parasailing in Malaysia

Elephant Ride in Cambodia

Muay Thai Competition in Thailand

Mount Fuji in Japan

Rollercoaster Ride in Ocean Park, Hong Kong

To Bathe or Not to Bathe at The Venetian

Local Travel

Anawangin Cove

Calaguas Island



Loving the people around me!


In everyone’s life, at some time, our inner fire goes out.?It is then burst into flame by an encounter with another human being.?We should all be thankful for those people who rekindle the inner spirit.?~Albert Schweitzer


Adventure Races

My favorite game show growing up is Crystal Maze. The competitive spirit in me wanted to join Crystal Maze. I guess the next best thing are the adventure races staged here in Manila. My first ever was the Nokia N95 Wireless Adventure dubbed, Soul of Manila. While going around the whole Metro Manila finishing challenges, I rediscovered its history and beauty. I was partnered with Fully Booked proprietor Jaime Daez. We placed 2nd, only 5 points shy from nabbing the Amanpulo trip and 50,000 cash prize.

The Amazing Race Asia Promotional Event Mall Race at Trinoma followed that with Bubba as my partner. We lost a clue card there and finished 4th. That was so much fun too and such a great bonding experience for us.

You can’t prevent a person from trying. Bubba and I were picked again to participate in the Nokia N82 ‘Soul of the Night’ Wireless Adventure. Actor Alfred Vargas and writer Michelle Callanta won that one.

The most challenging race for us was Conquer Zambales, the closest to an Amazing Race course where driving ourselves to destination stops was involved. The race was throughout the WHOLE of Zambales, from town proper to beach challenges. This was the only race Bubba and I were at each other’s throat but this was the race that connected us the most. Is Amazing Race Asia next? That is if we ever get around to creating an audition tape.

When I’m not writing or being a free spirit, I double for this young, serious professional who handles channel carriage arrangements at a leading cable company. I’m unrecognizable at the office. My colorful happy aura fades when I start discussing about work and negotiations. But a smile breaks into my face with the thought that I have a kind and loving family to come home to and there is life outside the 9-6pm stint.

When I can, I find the time to set up charity projects or volunteer for another’s charity project. When God gives so many blessings in your life (as well as struggles that make me stronger or more learned), there is no greater feeling than sharing the blessings with others.

I am…
A glam ghost and the biggest dork
I used to be the ultimate drama queen
A ghetto queen, a jack of all trades
A player of basketball, billiards, poker, boxing, Counterstrike
And anything that women are supposed to be poor at
A revival, a reinvention, a rarity, a simplicity and complexity
I am a lover of food, Bubba, music and photography.
I love the heat of the sun on my skin. And the wind blowing my hair
I love wild laughter.
I love making adventures out of the routine
I love the lowest and highest points of my Life.
I wanted to build gardens of sunrises and sunsets.

I am a foodie who is guilty of crimes on passionate eating and dreaming.

Bite into the things that pique my interest and walk with me through life