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Nuffnang Featured Blogger for the month of July

OMG! OMG! OMG! Hi Nuffnang! I am so excited to be here! Thank you for choosing me to be your featured blogger for the month of July. I promise you won’t regret it. Teehee.

Ok, let’s begin.

My name is Jennifer Adams Juan. Adams is my maiden name (yeah, though it’s not that obvious, I’m actually part American) and Juan is my married name (how totally Pinoy, right?). Online however, I am better known as The Sexy Nomad. It’s the only name I use in all my social networking sites. It all started when I set up my main blog back in 2006 — http://sexynomad.i.ph. A few weeks before that, it was named wanderlust because of my love for traveling. But since I love everything there is about life (food, sports, music, books, events, lifestyle, nightlife, movies, entertainment, celebrities, adventures, people, etc.) I officially changed it to sexynomad — a free spirited girl who loves a whole lot of different things.

To further know me, let me slowly dissect what I have to say about myself. I hope after you read this, you will keep wanting more… more of me, that is. Teehee.

So now you might be wondering… “Why sexy?” I am nowhere near our society’s standard for what is sexy. I believe however that there‘s more to this word than society’s standard definition. Let me show you why…

I call myself SEXY because:

I am fearless.

  • I once jumped off the Pundaquit Falls in Zambales.

  • Despite my fear of heights, I parasailed in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia.

  • Despite my weak knees, I did white water rafting in Malaysia and Jakarta.

  • Never mind that I get bruised from time to time but I love to skim board the Sexy Nomad way in the beaches of La Union & Zambales.

  • I’ve been surfing for almost four years now and I’ve had my share of near drowning experiences but that never stopped me from braving the waves of La Union and Zambales time and time again.

  • I’ve tried knee boarding in Caliraya, Batangas.

  • Despite possible sea urchin piercings, I took up beginner kite surfing lessons in Boracay.

    • Despite my heart and ear condition, I did scuba diving in Anilao, Batangas.

    • Despite my fear of jellyfish, I snorkeled all over the finest beaches in the Philippines and in Southeast Asia.

    • I traversed the open waters of southern Luzon going to Tikling Island, south of Sorsogon, on a small boat without sail, no roof & with only one outrigger. It was scary, I’m telling you! But it was worth it!

    • No matter how eerie they were, I’ve explored several caves.

    I am confident.

    • Since I was a kid I’ve always performed on stage as a dancer, a singer, an actress, an orator and many more. In my adult years, I’ve acted on TV for commercials and primetime soaps doing bit, lead and semi-regular roles. Even now, I am continuously honing my craft by attending acting workshops, going to VTRs and auditions and pursuing one of my many dreams.

    • Just recently, QTV’s Fit & Fab tapped me to be one of their interviewees for their fashion segment. I was actually a bit apprehensive but I didn’t let that hinder me from doing what I love to do. It’s airing on July 1 at 10:30 PM on QTV!

    I am magnetic.

    • People tell me that it’s a gift. I have the ability to bring people together. Through me, strangers become friends. Foes become allies. I also bagged the People’s Choice Awards in the 9th Philippine Web Awards. And for some reason, I just tend to attract certain types of celebrities. Teehee. 😉

    And now let’s go the part where I’ll explain to you why I call myself a nomad. Perhaps, you’ve already gained insight from the things I’ve already told you but here’s more…

    …but I like trying out other things too. I did nude photo shoots before for a German photographer and another one for an international modeling agency for their coffee table book. My husband, Peter, was there the whole time, documenting everything via photos and videos. I really am lucky. Oh, I was also featured once on Good Housekeeping magazine for a makeover promo they were having.

    I graduated as Class President in ABS-CBN’s Center for Communication Arts or better known as ABS-CBN Acting Workshops.

    I volunteer for Skwelahang Sikolohiya (an organization of Ateneo Psychology teachers) to help educate prisoners in the Bilibid prison. It was quite scary mingling with maximum security prisoners. But actually, once I got to know them, they’re just like any regular people we meet in the streets. They’re also kind and have dreams of their own. By having spent time with them, it gave me a glimpse to a darker but hopeful aspect about life itself. Because of my experience here, I learned to value life more and take everything in stride.

    I also delved into homemade spa products and beaded accessory business and was at one time published at Philippine Daily Inquirer.

    Concocting homemade, all natural spa products and making beaded accessories had been fun and enriching. It was truly an honor to be texted by the entire Philippines the moment the newspaper hit the stands. I rarely slept because of bulk orders but I didn’t mind. I was doing one of my passions and I was very grateful for it.

    Life, in general, is pretty much like my travels. I pick a place I want to visit the same way that I pick a goal I want to accomplish. I research on it. I plan my itinerary/steps. Then I just go for it/take action. I do my best to enjoy each moment. I analyze the situation when things don’t happen as planned then I let go and move on and continue to enjoy the trip. When it’s time to go home, I relax, then I unpack, I cherish the memories and learn from whatever mistakes that happened. Then, I do it all over again, with hopefully less errors this time around. The most important thing is that I am able to live each moment as they come, learning from every step and applying it to the next chapter of my life. The same way that my travels get easier, using the same technique makes my life easier too. I also become more aligned to what the universe has in store for me and my life just gets better and better.

    Life becomes one long happy vacation for me because I am doing what I want. Work doesn’t feel like work when you’re enjoying yourself, right? It’s the same for me. Because my passion is my work and my work is my passion, the universe always says “yes” to my command. With that in mind, I create my own destiny and hopefully inspire others to do so as well.

    Time comes when everything seems ordinary. I am at home, cooking or doing the laundry or watering the plants or cleaning the house or reading or watching TV. For me, there’s nothing wrong with that. Acknowledging where I am at the moment, whether it be a place or a state of mind and being, offers a kind of wisdom that not many people have. It’s the wisdom that comes from a certain sense of contentment… contentment that brings peace and joy in one’s heart.

    Of course there are times when I am not completely happy. I am still human after all. But I don’t let my emotions get the best of me. So I rely on external factors that help me find my happy place again. Two of which are my love for witchcraft, charms & enchantments (the good kind, don’t you worry) as well as the teachings of THE SECRET. By focusing my thoughts and energy into all things positive, the better I feel about myself again. The better I feel about my life, the more blessings come my way! Life is too short to dwell on negative things, anyway. We attract what we think and I totally believe in that principle.

    I am very lucky to have a family who has learned to love me all these years. Actually, we‘ve all learned to love each other better through the years. I’m telling you, I can be difficult sometimes and so can my family. But through constant self analysis, discipline in doing and feeling good and putting my words into action, I have influenced my family to become better at handling their lives too. Now, our family is more happy and peaceful.

    When things get rough, I start feeling better when I count my blessings. One of which is having had the honor and privilege to have received free education from elementary until college.

    I’ve also had this knack for running small businesses since I was a kid and I’ve continued to do so until now. It’s fun and I get to earn a little money along the way. I also get to meet different people.

    I know where to get the best clothes, gadgets, appliances, toys and electronics at the same superb quality but for much less! This is the reason why my hubby and I were able to invest in a lovely little townhouse in Alabang. We also bought a stylish new car, and basically got all our dream stuff. Now, we are enjoying all these things and sharing them with my family.

    I also have problems and I deal with them one day at a time…

    I love staying at home! I love being alone in our own house. It gives me a certain sense of peace and accomplishment because I am now enjoying all those years of hard work and perseverance. As you can see, our home is also a reflection of the places we’ve visited. So in a way, it also feels like I’m on vacation 24/7.

    Just look at the types of books I read and movies I like watching!

    I work very hard but I party even harder. I am The Sexy Nomad. I go whenever and wherever the wind blows me…

    —> I studied fencing and even won in a novice competition.

    —> I enrolled at Center for Pop Music to hone my singing skills.

    —> I tinker with my Nikon D40 to practice my photography skills.

    —> I do kickboxing & yoga on my free time.

    —> I am relearning French in the hopes of visiting Paris one day.

    —> I learned how to cook for my family’s good health.

    —> I play the drums, keyboards and guitar to de-stress.

    —> I am currently in the process of writing and publishing my own book.

    —> I do freelance writing.

    —> I do major clubbing, blogger events and I like attending gigs and fashion shows.

    Eventually, I set up eight other blogs to give more focus on those other topics that I am passionate about:

    kickingpinay.blogspot.com talks about self-help stuff coz one of my dreams is to become the next Oprah of the Philippines (I can dream, can’t I?) by helping people who want to get ahead of life and fulfill their destinies.

    fashionko.i.ph is where I share my love for fashion. Fashion for me is not about what clothes you wear but how you wear it. You may be wearing rags for all we know but if you wear it with confidence and dignity, that’s fashionable!

    bookworm.i.ph is where I post my opinion on different kinds of books I read.

    witchcraft.i.ph is where I share my Wiccan nature. I do positive spells, enchantments and tarot card readings. Requests to do someone harm is not entertained. ^_^

    garagesale.i.ph is where I sell some of my stuff like club memberships, Victoria’s Secret lingerie and more.

    mobiledigitalnails.i.ph is where I offer digital nail art services.

    jenjuansamplearticles.i.ph is where I share samples of my old writings for resume submission purposes.

    iamsam.i.ph is where my basset hound, Sam, used to blog. Teehee.