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Nuffnang Featured Blogger for the month of August

Hi there Nuffies!

I’m Fran, otherwise known as Frannywanny in the blogosphere and I’d like to thank Nuffnang for choosing me to be the feature blogger for this month. I’ve been blogging since 2001 via a personal blog that basically documented my life as a college student who later graduated and eventually joined the corporate world. Later on, I’ve decided to create a new blog site that focuses on my two loves: food and travel, thus Flipflopping my way around Town was born.

As a child, my parents would tease me because I can barely stay put; much less spend an entire week indoors. I love going to the mall, traveling to new places and best of all, trying out a new restaurant. Needless to say, my love for dining out was a great motivation that my mom highly utilized to convince me to attend my piano lessons every week.

On Cooking and Traveling

While most kids would spend their summer vacation dancing the ballet or taking advance classes for school, I spent mine in the kitchens of well-known chefs who taught me the basics of cooking. Up until this day, I dream to take up a formal culinary course and eventually run my own food business someday.

Being a DIY traveler, I seek excitement in planning an upcoming trip. My goal is to travel around the country and eventually, to explore the world. My most memorable travel experiences include:

taking an hour-long hike to see the beautiful Kabigan Falls in Ilocos

walking down the powdery-white shore of Boracay

watching the display of lights along Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbour with my fiancé Paul

and finally, putting my shopping prowess to the test at the Chatuchak Market of Bangkok.

Of course, in every travel stop, I always look forward to treating myself to an amazing gastronomic feast!

Fran the Publisher

During the day, when I’m not blogging, I am a publisher of two titles that I am truly proud of. One is a food magazine that is rapidly gaining popularity among kitchen queens and food aficionados. My second title caters to everyone who wants to make their homes pretty without breaking the bank.

Then comes the big question: Why blog?

Just like a dancer who is lost in her own world as she moves gracefully to the music. That’s exactly how I am when I’m writing. I believe in the power of the pen (or in this day and age, the power of the keyboard). I enjoy sharing my thoughts and discoveries to the world and hoping that somehow, in my little way, I have made a positive impact to you, my readers.

Through blogging, I am also thankful for the friends that I have made. It’s amazing how wonderful friendships can blossom over the internet which later moved on to regular coffee chats and weekly dinners.

Well, I’m off to another adventure and I hope to see ya’ll soon!