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Featured Blogger: Jill Bantang


Featured Blogger: Jill Bantang

Nuffnang’s featured blogger for the month of December!

Jill Bantang of the www.thefoodscout.net

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1. Who are you and what is your blog about? 

If you asked me a few months ago, I’ll give you my famous tagline – “I’m a personal banker by day, and a blogger by night – and weekends.” Now that you ask me who I am, I’m more than just a blogger who’s limited in the financial industry for 8-10 hours a day. Here I am, proud to say that I’m stretching my abilities to be a better food, travel and lifestyle blogger.

Other than blogging, I’m into food styling, photography, freelance writing, hosting, sports, and learning so much more. You can ask me next month, I’ll probably add something to my list of interests. Haha!

The name of my blog speaks for itself – The Food Scout. My food, travel & lifestyle blog revolves around my food adventures as I travel around this crazy planet.

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2. What can we expect from your blog? 

Expectations sometimes disappoint us. So I guess, I must tell you to expect the unexpected. A big percentage of my blog will take you on-board for mouthwatering trips as I eat, eat and eat. A part of it will bring you to my travels and activities. And another portion of my blog deals with a different kind of food – food for the soul – to give light and inspiration as I reach out not only to Filipinos, but also to all ‘netizens.’

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3. When and how did you start blogging? 

My parents, my number 1 & 2 supporters and sponsors, encouraged me not to jump into the corporate world (specifically into the int’l bank I used to work for) right after graduating at the age of 19. As their reward for me, mom and I traveled to one of my dream countries, India, to explore the food, culture and see the Taj Mahal. From that trip, my passion to write and to take photos of my food & travel adventures stirred up. Hence, I stored up a digital record, which is now known as The Food Scout.

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4. What separates your blog from other blogs? 

We all have our individual perspectives. The Food Scout is from my own perspective, inspired by fun, delicious, colorful and beautiful things in life. As I am inspired and blessed in my own way, I desire to contribute in the lives of people by inspiring them not only through my food adventures but touching their hungry souls as well. In other words, my blog is not all about things that please myself. It’s also my medium to reach out good and positive vibes to my readers. And hopefully, you’re one of them. J

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5. What is the best thing about being a blogger? 

The blogger life brings out more of my spontaneity, like a child who is free to run around the playground, but with limitations. I love that I am free to squeeze my creative juices, may it be through writing, taking photos, etc. Blogging allowed me to expand my borders, meet and work with talented people in different fields. One more thing as a blogger, I am able to share good news and inspire people.

To cap it off, the best thing is being a blogger itself. I would say it’s the best job in the world. With the hashtag, #ILoveMyJob! :)

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