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Featured Blogger: Rodel Flordeliz


Featured Blogger: Rodel Flordeliz

NOGNOG IN THE CITY By Rodel Flordeliz  

Nuffnang’s featured blogger for the month of November!

01 BLACK WILDLIFE (4 of 16) 1. Who are you and what is your blog about?   I’m Rodel Flordeliz, professionally working as a Video Editor/Producer, finding a career in TV/Events Hosting, a radio jock and passionately into blogging, Arts, Fashion, fun, and adventure! I’m a work in progress, a late bloomer, and still on a journey to a lot of new discoveries in life. Born and raised in Bulacan, I decided to move to Manila to study and work. 05 KPOP RODEL  ‘Nognog in the City’ is my life’s adventure that covers mostly my activities, travel, fashion, brands, arts and other things that interest me and my readers. Thou most of it are events that I cover, Im trying my best to create original content that focuses on positivity, life, style, fitness and travel. 02 Bread n' Butter taping A lot of people ask why I named it “Nognog” even thou they find that Im not really that dark. Well I think I am or I was a “Nognog” and was called by my mom by this nickname at home up to this date. I’m actually one of that dark skinned-thin-vulnerable-kid before in my school years.  03 del kpop   
2. What can we expect from your blog?   Mostly posts about myself and things I do. Random things, I have a broad range of likes, sometimes I like silence and at times I like being with the crowd depending on my mood. Most of my posts are about my style, restaurants I’ve been to, travel destinations, lifestyle and some press releases from friends.  I have a couple of video blogs as well which I call “Insixtyseconds”.  These are 60 second videos that sum up the activity I did. If given enough time and opportunity I would definitely want to concentrate on that one. Though I’m trying to post more feel good contents, more style posts and soon will include posts about fitness as well to achieve a total Men’s Lifestyle & Fashion Blog. J   04 food tasting larcys 
3. When and how did you start blogging?   I started blogging actually without knowing it. I have many accounts online and I am usually fond of signing up to new sites. I even got a TK account before (I don’t know if anyone remembers that). My intention before was just to have a journal of the things I do, I’m very forgetful, I really like writing down things and my activities, I got hoards of notebooks at home (so called diary). And because of the advent of technology, I think it was better to transfer it online, though I limit the content to things suited for the public and still got a small book for my very personal entries. Macau casino visitors A few years ago (2011 or 2012 I think), a friend suggested that I try blogging, so I did and created an account at BlogSpot, got my first invite from a friend and then it just grew.  The demand went up then I transferred to WordPress.com, bought my own domain and then the rest is history …    07 MINI COOPER S x oxygen (1 of 6) 
4. What separates your blog from other blogs?   I think every blog is different, because of the personal attachment it has to its owner. What separates mine from the rest is that I put a part of me in every post. I try my best to instill to readers a curios sense of wonder to each of the post while adding up cool information, ideas and other things on a more personal level. Plus I once in a while post video blogs, which I think is a different approach compared to others. 08 ootd 
5. What is the best thing about being a blogger?   11 RODEL FOR COOK MAGAZINE There are a lot of ‘things’ I consider the best of being a blogger, aside from the usual perks, I listed down 7 satisfying things you can have if you become successful in it. 1.     Blogging lead me to meet new people who eventually become my new friends 2.     Blogging widens my connection, which is essentially useful for my other activities. 3.     Blogging develops my self-confidence and communication skills, it became my training ground to widen  my capabilities, enrich my knowledge and discover new talents as well. 09 rodel at AFFi awards 4.     Blogging allowed me to uncover new things and took me to exciting places I didn’t even know existed. 5.     Blogging allowed me try products and new brands firsthand. 6.     Blogging gave me that satisfaction and that “purpose” that makes me feel good. 7.     And lastly, Blogging let me have the voice to share my ideas, my comments and create that connection to my readers. 10 RODEL FLORDELIZ AS DARK L Another thing is the happiness I feel whenever my readers acknowledge what I have posted.