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Featured Blogger: Michael Macalos


Featured Blogger: Michael Macalos

Nuffnang’s Featured Blogger for the month of May!


1. Who are you and what is your blog about?

I’m Michael Macalos, 20 years old and I’m an art student from Far Eastern University Manila. I’ve been blogging and sharing content on the web for four years now. I own the blog CONTEMPORARYBOY.COM which focuses on men’s fashion, grooming, interior, my personal stories and everything that inspires me.

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2. What can we expect from your blog?

Aside from sharing my personal style, I also post inspiring interior spaces that I believe can help me and my readers have an idea about how to put things together and build a tasteful room. I’m also sharing my grooming tips and tricks on the blog, the newest trends, hottest stuff online and my personal stories from the day to day life of a CONTEMPORARY BOY. And oh, I try to update my blog two or three times a week.

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3. When and how did you start blogging?

Well, I started as a reader. Before all the hype of blogging (I think it was circa 2008 or 2009), I’ve been following and reading the blogs of BRYANBOY, Jane Aldridge of Sea of Shoes, Man Repeller and Susie Style Bubble. I was so intrigued and inspired by the content they produced every day, the perks and how they share their everyday struggles and stories on the web. And from that moment, I’ve decided that I want to be a blogger.

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4. What separates your blog from the others?

I think every blogger has a different POV and strategy in their blogs, and I think a lot of us, Filipino bloggers, are really bringing our best to inspire and create amazing content everyday. But I think what separates my blog from the others is, hmmm I don’t really know, maybe it’s the photos? or maybe it’s how I communicate with my readers? or maybe how I put things or style myself? Only my readers can actually answer that question, coz I don’t wanna sound arrogant if I tell you guys that I’m this and I’m that. I’ll just let the people who read my posts and see my content be the judge.

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5. What is the best thing about being a blogger?

The best and the most awesome thing about being a blogger is you get to communicate and share your thoughts and opinions on things from all around the world. You get to meet new people everyday, work with different brands and learn how to adapt with different personalities and environment. Blogging also helped me be professional, push my limits and compromise during tough situations.

Everyone can start a blog instantly, but not everyone can maintain a consistent and powerful blog that can move people by what they’re saying.

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